A WordPress theme framework for professionals

Turbo-charge your custom WordPress theme development!

Wonderflux allows you to rapidly develop highly sophisticated, custom WordPress themes with just a handful of files (minimum is just 1 – style.css) using the principle of a Child theme.

For designers

  • Create unlimited layout configurations with a fully dynamic CSS grid system, with filters to alter on the fly!
  • Logical location aware template parts allow you to concentrate on the content, not the code
  • Generates unique extra CSS classes on body and post, allowing easy advanced styling
  • Extensive layout helper functions that solve the needs of advanced theme layout logic, with over 100 display hooks to accommodate advanced layouts
  • Easy to understand XHTML/CSS display functions to help you build bullet-proof, valid output – with all the paramters and filters you will ever need!
  • Produces 100% valid W3C XHTML/CSS mark-up – with a choice of document types, XHTML 4 strict, transitional etc and even HTML5 to suit your theme.

For developers

  • Built from the ground-up to be the most flexible theme framework available – featuring full OOP code structure
  • if you don’t like how something works it’s easy to change it – every core function designed to be easily replaced, filtered and configured to your hearts content
  • Powerful Javascript plugins and layout functions for JQuery at your fingertips – ready to go with innovative helper display functions for you to configure exactly how you need
  • Support for CDN’s for high performance website delivery – including core Javascript libraries
  • Specifically designed to work perfectly with no clashes with ALL well-written WordPress plugins
  • Superior browser support, from right back to IE6 (yes, we stil care about that 1%!) upto the latest and greatest, with some support for mobile already (much more to come on this!)

Free to use… really!

As with all open source software like WordPress and Wonderflux, the terms of the license mean you can pretty-much do what you want with the code, but please don’t hack it or rip it off, you would receive your good karma back tenfold if you contribute improvements, suggestions and bug reports through the issues system on Github.

WordPress is a world-class publishing system, now lets make Wonderflux a world-class design system, for free, for everyone in the WordPress community to use!

Options… when you want them

Many frameworks and themes give you page after page of complex options – Wonderflux takes a different approach. Although there is an optional set of easy to understand controls for layout options like dynamic grid control and sidebar visibility for less advanced developers – more advanced developers can completely remove these options or even dynamically filter and change layout configurations on the fly!

Also, almost every internal function can be over-loaded – and you won’t believe how many filters and hooks we have for you to play with!

Wonderflux supports all the latest and greatest WordPress functionality to deliver unparalleled design opportunities for both new and experienced designers. It’s a solid, easy to update, flexible platform you can use for any WordPress website.

Version 1.11 released!

With the move away from Google Code SVN to GitHub last year, development has picked back-up in earnest – and Wonderflux v1.11 has been released!

This represents a stable release point – and the last v1.x release before the new responsive grid system is launched with Wonderflux 2.0. There’s been quite a few bug fixes and a few new tricks with plenty more in development!

Download Wonderflux from GitHub

Download Girder example child theme from GitHub