Welcome to WFX Girder

This is a basic demonstration child theme for the Wonderflux theme framework. It can be used as a starting point to develop your own themes for Wonderflux. It has recently been updated to support Wonderflux version 2, which now features an all new, fully responsive grid layout system (resize screen to see it in action!).

You are viewing the latest code committed to the master branch on GitHub (it synchronises automatically when a commit is pushed to master with the rather excellent Deploy) – so may be slightly ahead of the current stable release. If you are brave, you are welcome to run this code by checking-out the master branch on GitHub.

Download links

Download stable release of WFX Girder

Download Wonderflux here

About Wonderflux

Wonderflux is a free, Open Source theme framework for WordPress. You can use it on as many projects as you like for free. There is no premium version – and there are no plans for one!

You develop child themes, which massively simplifies the theme development process. You have lots of cool display functions ready to use, along with Flux Layout – a powerful new responsive CSS framework.

This theme is an example to help you learn Wonderflux and built your own child themes from.