For WordPress creative designers

No-one likes being told what ‘can’t be achieved’… especially creatives! That’s why Wonderflux is designed to be the most flexible layout system available. Wonderflux has a whole bunch of cool code to allow you to design consistent, professional WordPress themes with easy to understand tools and functions.

Fully responsive layout system

CSS designers will love the unique responsive layout system in Wonderflux version 2, allowing dynamic column layouts of any reasonable size and configuration, with some very smart media queries to use.

Wonderflux v2 simplifies the creation of layout code in your theme files compared to version 1. IMPORTANT: wfx_css() function is no longer required, you simply use normal CSS rules as defined in the Flux Layout system.

It is built with two files, which are included by default when you activate any Wonderflux child theme. Documentation to come, but in the meantime the easiest thing to do is to have a look at the file output in the WFX Girder child theme demo (in the <head>):

  • wf-css-flux-layout-core.css – basic rules and reset
  • wf-css-flux-layout.php – dynamic generated CSS layout rules

I have some more development planned for the Flux Layout system and how it integrates with Wonderflux. Also be aware that things may change a-little following feedback from users and testing – this is a beta after all!

Don’t like CSS grids (or this one?? No problem, with one line of code you can remove the entire grid system… and that goes for pretty much any file or function too in Wonderflux!

Easy WordPress options

Easy to use admin options allow you to reconfigure your entire site, allowing sidebar positioning and visibility. You don’t just have to use options… all of this can be changed on the fly on ANY page with simple code.

Wonderflux features an advanced template system that harnesses the power of WordPress to separate your layout code. The files are small and easy to read.

Powerful theme design functions

Included in Wonderflux are a set of powerful tools to help you rapidly deliver highly sophisticated WordPress websites. Wonderflux uses all the cool stuff in WordPress like widgets, but just makes them a bit smarter!

Waiting under the hood (and enabled with simple code) are a bunch of extra tools like JQuery plugins for you to instantly deploy to your theme with easy helper functions. Animations and UI elements take moments to drop into your theme ready for you to customise.

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