For WordPress theme developers

What’s the point of a framework, if you have to work a certain way? The core code of Wonderflux is made to be very efficient and most importantly flexible. You can over-ride, filter and change the output to your hearts content… and then some!

WordPress theme design taken to another level!

There are well over 100 hooks, including a unique set of dynamic location aware hooks. This allows you to insert pretty much any content or code in a variety of different views and situations anywhere in your theme output quickly and easily.

There are also countless filters and parameters within the display functions available in Wonderflux. You can take control of pretty much every element, right down to replacing core functions and CSS.

Flexible responsive theme design

The dynamic grid layout engine has a set of powerful filters available that allows you to conditionally change the complete site layout configuration on ANY type of view within WordPress.

There are additional, intelligent CSS classes added onto widgets and the body tag, that give you the extra information (and CSS targets) for some very unique layout opportunities.

The tools you need

One of the great things for developers is the powerful set of tools included. Various versions of JQuery and a bunch of cool UI elements can be deployed with a single line of code. These are wrapped-up in highly controllable functions, with comprehensive parameters allowing you to take complete control and deploy what you need to create unique and powerful WordPress custom theme designs and functionality.