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WF_ADMIN_ACCESS - Wonderflux Guide



Controls visibility and access of the entire Wonderflux menu system, including sub-pages.


Various – please see examples below.


//In your child theme functions.php file:

//Example 1
// For multiple user ID's (1 and 4)
define('WF_ADMIN_ACCESS', serialize(array('1','4')));

//Example 2
// For single user ID (1)
define('WF_ADMIN_ACCESS', serialize(array('1')));

//Example 3
// For a single WordPress role (can use custom defined roles too)
define('WF_ADMIN_ACCESS', 'administrator');

//Example 4
// To remove the menus for all users
define('WF_ADMIN_ACCESS', 'none');


The specified user will require the WordPress capability manage_options to access the Wonderflux options pages.

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