Warning - beta status code

This status means that the code is in beta testing in Wonderflux. It may be lacking certain functionality, or not be complete and ready for full use in your themes just yet... so proceed with caution!


Setting this constant in your child theme stops all core Wonderflux CSS files loading in the <head> of your site output:

  • wf-css-core-structure.css
  • wf-css-dynamic-columns.php
  • wf-css-dynamic-core-ie.php (conditional display)

IMPORTANT – When using this constant, Wonderflux will automatically try and load the following files from your child theme directory in the <head> of your site output:

  • style-framework.css
  • style-framework-ie.css


true – Activate as described.
false – Default value set in Wonderflux core.


//Example 1
//In your child theme functions.php file:


You can find the dynamically generated output for style-framework.css and style-framework-ie.css by visiting the Wonderflux > Advanced options in your admin area. This is a combined version of the normal Wonderflux CSS output and provides a great starting point if you want to develop your own CSS framework, over ride or remove the grid CSS – pretty much anything you want really!

This constant documentation was last modified on: April 7, 2015 by Jonny