Installing Wonderflux

Installing Wonderflux to your WordPress site is easy – it’s just like any other WordPress theme. Just follow the simple instructions below:

  • Download latest Wonderflux release – this will be called (xx is the release number).
  • Decompress zip file on your computer – this will create a directory called wonderflux-xx (xx is the release number).
  • This contains a README.txt file, along with another zip file called which contains the actual theme framework files you need to install to your web server.
  • You have 2 choices on how to install Wonderflux to your WordPress site. You may either:
  1. Upload through your WordPress admin area under:
    Appearance > Themes > Install Themes
  2. Decompress the file, which will create a directory called wonderflux. Transfer this folder to the /wp-content/themes directory on your web server.

You’re ready to use your first Wonderflux child theme!

Although Wonderflux will function if activated directly, the best way to use Wonderflux is by activating a child theme.

You should have BOTH a Wonderflux child theme and Wonderflux installed in your theme directory, then simply activate the Wonderflux child theme of your choice.

Download a free example theme

WFX Girder is a free WordPress child theme designed for Wonderflux. It is always kept up-to-date with the latest released version of Wonderflux and provides a good starting point for modification and new Wonderflux users.

If you take a look at the files of Girder, you will see that with just a handful of files (down to even just 1 or 2!) you can create your own WordPress theme …and everything else is provided by Wonderflux! As with any child theme, if the file (ie header.php) doesn’t exist in your child theme folder, the ‘parent theme’ (Wonderflux) get’s used.

This Wonderflux guide document was last modified on: August 6, 2011 by Jonny