Introduction to Wonderflux

Once you have got Wonderflux installed to your server, there are a few basic principles to understand on how Wonderflux works before you can really get going. Don’t worry, Wonderflux is designed to be simple and logical to use and you will be up and running in no time!

Download a free example Girder theme

Often the quickest way to get going is by looking at example code and playing around with it. There is a free example Wonderflux child theme called WFX Girder that you can download and install. It demonstrates how to use Wonderflux and some of the display functions.

1) Wonderflux is a theme framework

A WordPress theme framework is an advanced WordPress theme which provides layout, display and other functionality. They are specifically designed to be flexible for the designer or developer to customise. This allows rapid, professional theme development by providing an easy to update ‘core’ of cool stuff ready to use. JQuery is an example of a Javascript framework, as is WordPress which we already know makes a world-class website Content Management System framework!

Although Wonderflux can be directly activated, just like most ‘pure’ theme frameworks it is best used with your own Wonderflux ‘child theme‘. A child theme can comprise of one single style.css file or be made up of any files you wish that follow the normal WordPress theme conventions for theme file naming.

To create a child theme for Wonderflux, you can begin by creating a directory in your wp-content/themes folder and saving the following code as style.css