This file is location aware

Location aware files usually have -content in their file name (note that loop.php doesn't). They are optional files that are displayed in certain locations in your site - for instance a page view.

You can use the following optional loop.php template parts in your Wonderflux child theme. They will only be used when viewing the specific location in your website. Note that if the location aware file doesn’t exist in child theme directory, loop.php will be used instead, allowing for quick and easy overrides for certain locations.

Homepage (posts or static page) view: loop-home.php

Category view: loop-category.php

Tag view: loop-tag.php

Search results view: loop-search.php

Date archive view: loop-date.php

Author view: loop-author.php

Taxonomy view: loop-taxonomy.php

Archive view: loop-archive.php

Attachment view: loop-attachment.php

Single post view: loop-single.php

Page view: loop-page.php

404 view: loop-404.php


This is the core loop theme file.

Template Parts

This file uses the template part loop-content.php which is location aware.


If you wish to create your own to over ride this file in your child theme – copy the core Wonderflux loop.php file into your child theme directory as a starting point to ensure that all Wonderflux hooks, code and functionality are maintained.

This file documentation was last modified on: August 13, 2011 by Jonny