Warning - beta status code

This status means that the code is in beta testing in Wonderflux. It may be lacking certain functionality, or not be complete and ready for full use in your themes just yet... so proceed with caution!


Show/hide the main content area.

Default value


Accepted values

Text string: Y or N


//Example 1
//Simple example in your child theme functions.php file:
add_filter ('wflux_content_1_display','wfx__N');

// Example 2
//Conditional example in your child theme functions.php file:
// Only run filter if view is page
function my_wfx_example_function() {
  if ( is_page() ) :
    add_filter ('wflux_content_1_display','wfx__N');
add_action ('template_redirect','my_wfx_example_function', 1);


Use the Wonderflux core functions wfx__Y() and wfx__N() to save you creating unnecessary functions to return a value to the filter.

Development note: This functionality is incomplete, it currently only removes the core Wonderflux CSS output surrounding the content area and doesn’t actually remove the content. Further coding is required – so this is really NOT ready for use just yet!

This filter documentation was last modified on: September 20, 2011 by Jonny