A WordPress theme framework for professionals

Turbo-charge your WordPress theme development with Wonderflux – the Open Source responsive theme framework.

Wonderflux allows you to rapidly develop highly sophisticated, custom WordPress themes that adapt to any screen size on any device..

With just a handful of files (minimum is just 1 – style.css) harness the power of Wonderflux by creating your own simple child themes.


Great code
  • Mature, well developed codebase built on many years of WordPress theme building experience.
  • 100% compatible with all popular WordPress plugins.
  • Regularly maintained with full support for the latest release of WordPress.


Powerful features
  • Revolutionary new responsive CSS layout system.
  • Simple admin options give you control over layout and specifications.
  • Produces 100% valid markup, with a choice of document types.


Fast development
  • Easy to extend with literally hundreds of filters and hooks.
  • Solves common theme development issues automatically.
  • Adapts to the way you want to work – use as much or as little of Wonderflux as you like!


Free to use
  • Free, Open Source code, no payment required. Use on any personal or commercial project.
  • No license fee or credit required.
  • No premium version or paid upgrades… ever!

Options… when you want them

Many frameworks and themes give you page after page of complex options – Wonderflux takes a different approach. Although there is an optional set of easy to understand controls for layout options like dynamic grid control and sidebar visibility for less advanced developers – more advanced developers can completely remove these options or even dynamically filter and change layout configurations on the fly!

Also, almost every internal function can be over-loaded – and you won’t believe how many filters and hooks we have for you to play with!

Wonderflux supports all the latest and greatest WordPress functionality to deliver unparalleled design opportunities for both new and experienced designers. It’s a solid, easy to update, flexible platform you can use for any WordPress website.

Free to use… really!

As with all open source software like WordPress and Wonderflux, the terms of the license mean you can pretty-much do what you want with the code, but you would receive good karma back tenfold if you contribute improvements, suggestions and bug reports through the issues system on GitHub.

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